• For Joy....
  • For Hope...
  • For Healing....
  • For the Future...
  • I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.


All of us at Cornerstone Christian Counseling in Denver, CO would like to welcome you to our site and thank you for taking the time to visit!  Please take a little time to look around and learn about who we are.  After all, counseling is a very personal journey and the best indicator of success as you work through life’s “stuff” is a strong sense of connection with your counselor.  Click here if you’d like to jump right in and meet our team.


balanced rocks

When we opened the doors of Cornerstone Christian Counseling for the first time in 2009, we did so believing that the most important things in life are relationships. That belief hasn’t changed over the years.  After all, when you think about it, we all live our lives in relation to others.  We may be married, dating, or single; we may be in the twilight of our lives or in our youth.  Regardless of who you are or the stage of life you’re in, we all have some form of a community we’re a part of.  And sometimes, living life in that community can be challenging at best.  It can cause stress, worry, anxiety, fear or depression.  It can cause us to doubt who we are or where we’re headed.  It can make us question the decisions we’ve made in the past or are in the process of currently living out.  It can make us desire better for our future.


Our mission, then, is to guide individuals, couples and families into cultivating the kinds of lives and relationships that God intended us to have, that are satisfying, promote intimacy, are filled with hope, allow for healing and strive for purpose.  After all, we take our cue from the giver of life:

“I came that they may have life, and have it to the full.”  –Jesus


Cornerstone Christian Counseling serves the west Denver metro area including Evergreen, Golden, Morrison, Lakewood, Arvada, Littleton and Centennial.  Many of our clients come from person-to-person referrals but are also people just like you who find us on the internet.

We also have the goal of being a place where pastors and church staff can confidently refer those who attend their church. We have the honor of working with multiple churches, including Red Rocks Church, Passionate Life Church, WaterStone Community Church, Belleview Community Church and Dakota Ridge Church.  We understand that often times pastors and church staff don’t have the training or the time to meet all the needs of the people God has entrusted them to love and serve. Therefore, we aim to support churches in loving people in the name of Christ.



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